Cramathon/Duodecathon Announcement

Hello! Today I’m going to be talking to you a bit about Cramathon and Duodecathon, both which occur the 22-28 of this month. Cramathon has 4 hosts on twitter; dylanistweeting, hardbackhoarder, theawkwardbookw, and juliasapphire_ . There are twitter sprints via these hosts on the official Cramathon Twitter. There are 7 challenges in Cramathon, but the main goal is toContinue reading “Cramathon/Duodecathon Announcement”

Dudecathon 2018 update! (7-22-18)

Hello! Since it is now July, and that means that 2018 is somehow already half over, I decided to do a little update on my progress in Duodecathon. This is the first year that I have participated in this read-a-thon. For those of you who don’t know, Duodecathon is ‘hosted’ by Bridget on Goodreads. ThereContinue reading “Dudecathon 2018 update! (7-22-18)”