Ayearathon Day 7 + Re-readathon & Lost and Bound Days 1-3

It’s time for another readathon update! This one will cover the last day of ayearathon and the first 3 days of both rereadathon and the lost and bound fairy hunts! Ayearathon Day 7: Read 138 pages and finished , which you will hear more about on the 30th when my TBR List review comes out!Continue reading “Ayearathon Day 7 + Re-readathon & Lost and Bound Days 1-3”

Ayearathon Days 1-3 Update!

Hello Everyone! As I said in a previous post, I’m participating in 4 readathons this month. Instead of just doing a TBR and Wrap-Up I also want to do some updates throughout the month for you. I’ve decided that every 3 days there’ll be an update for the readathons. They’ll most likely be pretty shortContinue reading “Ayearathon Days 1-3 Update!”