Magical Readathon [NEWTs] Announcement & TBR

Hey Everyone! Today I’ll be finally telling you about the Magical Readathon that is going on this month. I’m going to go ahead and link my OWLs post which has the hosts twitters and the discord already. There is a new prompt sheet though, so I’ll post that for you all here and the career sheet here.Continue reading “Magical Readathon [NEWTs] Announcement & TBR”

The Reading Rush TBR

Ah, I meant to post this yesterday but I was with my niece all day and we did crafts and watched some GMM together. So here is my little bit late Reading Rush TBR! Hello! The Reading Rush [formerly BookTube-A-Thon] is finally back and I’m really excited to participate again. If you didn’t know TheContinue reading “The Reading Rush TBR”

Biblio Games Announcement & TBR!

Hello Everyone! It’s nearly time for another round of the Biblio Games [formerly BookTube Games] and I’m going to share my TBR with you today. The Biblio Games was created by Myonna @ littlewolfreads on twitter. This rounds theme is Sky High, so there are four different teams; Heroes, Sidekicks, Antiheroes & Villains. There areContinue reading “Biblio Games Announcement & TBR!”

Re-readathon Day 7/Lost & Bound Days 7-8 and the start of Buzzwordathon!

I’m back for yet another readathon update for March. This one is the last days of both Rereadathon and Lost and Bound along with the first day of Buzzwordathon. I’m going to go ahead and make this one short. I didn’t read anything for these readathons in the last 3 days. I’m really not inContinue reading “Re-readathon Day 7/Lost & Bound Days 7-8 and the start of Buzzwordathon!”

Re-readathon/Lost and Bound Days 4-6

How is it already time for another readathon update? Let me tell you first, that this week wasn’t a reading week. If you follow me on twitter you would have seen that I watched X-files and did a puzzle the whole of Wednesday and a lot of today was spent with my niece. Even though thereContinue reading “Re-readathon/Lost and Bound Days 4-6”