Valentine’s Day Book Tag

Ello, ello As you probably, hopefully, already know today is Valentine’s Day. I don’t really like Valentine’s Day, never really have but I found a book tag that is Valentine’s themed so I decided, why not? So I found a few people who have done this tag but it was originally created by CC’s BooksContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Book Tag”

my hiatus is over…hopefully (2-6-20)

Hey friends, I haven’t been on in a good while, since October I believe, but I’ve been wanting to come back and start doing this again. A lot’s been going on though so I haven’t really had the time, but I’ve decided that it’s now or never. I need to just start blogging again rightContinue reading “my hiatus is over…hopefully (2-6-20)”

It’s Monday [9-16-19]

Hello, Hello. Today is technically Tuesday but it’s fine. I meant to write this yesterday and post it on the day but I ended up cleaning my room and doing all of my laundry, including bedding. I actually almost decided to just skip this one because I haven’t done much reading at all. I readContinue reading “It’s Monday [9-16-19]”

It’s Monday [9-9-19]

I’m back, hopefully for good this time. I haven’t been reading much the past couple of months which means I haven’t really had a lot to blog about. I knew that if I did an update each week where I didn’t read anything at all it would be pretty boring. But, I want to keepContinue reading “It’s Monday [9-9-19]”

Magical Readathon [NEWTs] Announcement & TBR

Hey Everyone! Today I’ll be finally telling you about the Magical Readathon that is going on this month. I’m going to go ahead and link my OWLs post which has the hosts twitters and the discord already. There is a new prompt sheet though, so I’ll post that for you all here and the career sheet here.Continue reading “Magical Readathon [NEWTs] Announcement & TBR”