my hiatus is over…hopefully (2-6-20)

Hey friends,

I haven’t been on in a good while, since October I believe, but I’ve been wanting to come back and start doing this again. A lot’s been going on though so I haven’t really had the time, but I’ve decided that it’s now or never. I need to just start blogging again right now or I don’t think I would for a good while. {i feel like that didn’t make sense, sorry}.

I’ve come up with a temporary monthly and weekly schedule that I’m gonna try out and see if I can’t tweak it a bit and have a solid schedule rather than just posting whenever.

I really want to bring back TBR list so I can start doing reviews more often {and do them better}. So, at the end of each month I’ll go ahead and post a poll for you lot to vote on which book you want me to review the next month. Then around the middle of the next month, maybe closer to the end of the next month {but before the next poll}, I’ll post the review for that book.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do a TBR every month or not, I’ve been really slacking on my reading game this year and I feel like right now that might just be too much pressure. I may, in the future, start doing TBR’s but for now it’s gonna be a no.

As for a more weekly schedule I’d like to have weekly updates again, UNLESS I feel that it would be too short if I end up not reading anything and don’t feel like there is anything else I need to update you on.

Another thing I’d like to bring back is either a tag or challenge of some sort. Even if it’s not on a specific day each week, I’d still like to have one done.

If you have any suggestions for tags or challenges you’d like me to do please leave a comment so I can check them out!

I also want to start doing updates for the goodreads reading challenge stuff. I’ll go ahead and link my challenge member corner here so you can see which challenges I’m participating in and follow progress there if you’d like. {}
I don’t know when I’d post these updates, because I don’t really have planned out when I’m going to do certain challenges. I may stick to a once a month update thing, maybe at the beginning of each month I’ll do a little update, if i completed enough challenges for an update, and see how that goes.

I think that’s all I wanted to talk with you lot about right now. I may have another post up later today or early tomorrow but I’m not quite sure yet! So, goodbye for now!


Happy Reading,


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