It’s Monday [9-9-19]

I’m back, hopefully for good this time. I haven’t been reading much the past couple of months which means I haven’t really had a lot to blog about. I knew that if I did an update each week where I didn’t read anything at all it would be pretty boring. But, I want to keep blogging and interacting with you lot, so I’m going to try scheduling a couple posts during the weekend for the upcoming week, that way  I have a few posts that for sure come out each week. But then if I want some other post during the week I can post that as well.

Let’s go ahead and get into some actual updates now.

I started reading I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver on Friday and am enjoying it so far, I’m about halfway through. I’m hoping on finishing it up early this week so I can start on something new! I’ve been in more of a reading mood this week, which is great because I haven’t read much since June. 

If you have any good popular book recommendations please let me know because I am participating in popularathon this month and still don’t have my full TBR ready.

Other than that nothing much has been going on. I babysat a 2yr old last week and Tuesday of this week I start with 1 [maybe 2] 1 year olds for the week, so you may only see this post and 1 more this week because of that.

But, I think that’s all I have today. Hope you enjoyed and I’ll talk to you all later!


Happy Reading,


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