Happy Monday!

Hey guys! It’s Monday yet again and I really need to get back into blogging. Today [very late in the day, I admit] I’m just going to give you a quick overview of some posts I want to do and books I want to read in the coming weeks. I’m doing it this way because I really haven’t read much at all. I’ve been in a super slump the past couple of months and I’m slowly coming back out of it.

So one thing I’d really like to do again is blog more than once every couple weeks. I’ve been so bad about keeping up with my blog. I blame it mostly on me getting back into video games big time this month. I’ve been playing a very large amount of Fallout 4 and Infestation: The New Z.

All that said, I want to get back to doing Tag Tuesday. Maybe not every week but at least a couple times a month. Also, as soon as Top Five Wednesday comes back I’d really like to continue doing those. Next month [hopefully] I’ll start up TBR list again and get back to doing reviews more often. I don’t want to do it this month mainly because I’m attempting the NEWTs readathon and it’s not going too well so far so I don’t want to have to do reviews as well.

*If you have any advice on how to get out of a reading slump, other than re-reading a favourite book, please let me know*

Another thing I really want to get back into is writing. I stopped on my WIP pretty early into Camp in July but I think that’s because I worked on it a LOT in June and just wasn’t in the mood to keep going. That said I still have like 20 days on my Scrivener trial so I can easily get back into the story whenever I want. The thing about this story I’m writing is, I want to go back and outline/plot everything but I just can’t. I am horrible at plotting and just can’t find something that fits what I’m picturing in my head. And I don’t really want a bunch of post its up on my wall; 1. they’ll all fall off, 2. I don’t want other people reading it if they come in my room.

I think that’s going to have to be it for this week. I’m going to try and get a Tag out for tomorrow but if not I’ll get something else up this week.

If you stuck around this far, thank you and i love you. lol


Happy Reading,


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