Weekly Update [7-22-19]

Hello, finally.

If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been on a spontaneous hiatus from just about everything. I’ve just not been in the right mind set to write, read or blog lately. It doesn’t help that I’ve been at my sister’s house since Thursday [7-18] so she can go to work and my niece, who had surgery Wednesday [7-17] can be at home. I’ll be here to help out and watch my niece probably until this Wednesday night just so she doesn’t have to get up early and leave the house until Thursday.

So, today I’m going to go ahead and talk about reading updates and goals for this week, the reading rush!, writing updates and goals and some blog posts that are coming up.

I’ll start off with blog posts this week so it’s not way at the bottom. Along with this, today I’m going to be doing my Reading Rush TBR Posts as today is the first day of the readathon. Then I want a Tag Tuesday [or Thursday] this week, because I haven’t done one in a while.

I also am super behind on my review requests so I’m going to try to read and review at least 1 of them before the end of the month!

Onto reading stuffs. I haven’t finished a single book this month. Part of it was my mid-month slump and the other part was me watching almost 6 seasons of Degrassi this month. I found all the seasons on YouTube and have been watching them a LOT. This means I’m also failing the Book Junkie Trials and have kind of decided that I’m not going to continue my TBR for it.

I’m still planning on finishing reading The Elite this month, I have the audio book again and I’m hoping that will help me finish it pretty quickly.

As for my other reading plans, I’m going to link you to my Reading Rush TBR as soon as it’s finished!

Next up is some writing updates,

As of right now I’m about 13k words behind in my Camp Project. The 9th and 10th I took a couple days off writing and I think that’s about the time I found Degrassi on YouTube so no writing has happened since then.

This week I want to get at least 1k words, and I hope that’ll get me back into the mood to write more. I know I’m not going to reach my 25k goal this month and that’s okay as long as I write or plan some more this month so I can maybe finish off my goal in August or September!

I think that’s going to be it for this. I’ll be back in a little bit for my Reading Rush TBR post!


Happy Reading,


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